Forbes Group is a conglomerate of international corporations engaged in business development opportunities in emerging nations. Our headquarters are in the USA, with representative offices on several continents.

Our vision is to create a network of business ventures, port facilities, and telecommunications companies which link developing nations around the globe, and which enhance our mutual stability, prosperity, and coherence.

We have a history of working on all the continents, in countries from Russia to Chile, from Alaska to New Guinea. Currently, we are focusing on projects in Brasil, Russia, Morocco, Nigeria and a beautiful island nation, the Islamic Republic of the Comoros, in the Indian Ocean.

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Forbes Holdings, Inc.
142 Long Wharf
Newport, RI 02840
Tel 401 619 2770
Fax 401 619 2773

Beaux Lane House
Mercer Street Lower
Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel 353 1 470 0000
Fax 353 1 477 0000

Comosa Bldg. 21st Floor
Samuel Lewis Building
Panama, Rep. of Panama
Tel 507 263 4444
Fax 507 264 5962

Avenida Faria Lima, 3.729
Cep: 04538-905
Sao Paulo, Brasil
Tel 55 11 3443 6404
Fax 55 11 3443 6201

Forbes Energy Hispaniola
36 Avenida Principal
Montellano, Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic
Tel : 1-809-571-1273

Forbes Energy Asia Ltd
18/F, Two Chinachem Plaza
68 Connaught Road Central
Hong Kong


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